3000w*1200d Boat shape Boardroom Table

#Custom-made Boardroom Table

PS: ​​Please email your preferred Size, even Metal Leg, then we can make Custom-Made Table  for you.

Round Meeting Table

Code               Size                                                             

#5121       Dia 900w*720h  

Price:  $210

 Color:    Beech, Cherrywood , white/Ironstone, Full white                     


#5122      Dia 1200w*720h 

Price: $230

Color:   Beech, Cherrywood/Ironstone, Full White             

Boardroom and Meeting Table, Coffee Table

Potenza Boat Shape Boardroom Table (with Metal alloy feet )

Code                                Size              Material                        Price                     Color                 Remark

#MTP24WH       2400w*1200d*750h      MDF/Timber Veneer           $1,470                2PK Matt white                    

#MTP24V           2400w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine       $1,360               Virginia Walnut              No Cable  Tray    

#MTP24C           2400w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine       $1,360                Casnan          

#MTP30V           3000w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine       $1,740                Virginia Walnut              No Cable  Tray
#MTP30C           3000w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine      $1,740                 Casnan     


#MTP30KV           3000w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine     $1,860             Virginia Walnut              With Cable  Tray    
#MTP30KC           3000w*1200d*750h      High Quality Melamine     $1,860                Casnan 

PS:  Assembled $160 extra Charge.                       


Boat shape Boardroom Table                     (with Melamine H-Base)

Code                        Size                             #5111        2400w*1200d*725h        

Price: $620

Color: Beech, Cherrywood , white/Ironstone,  Full White  



Bella Boat shape Boardroom Table (with Aluminium Curve legs)

Code                   Size                           

#5111-Bella           2400w*1200d*725h   

Price: $950                  

Color: Beech,  white              

Coffee Table

Code                       Size              Price                                                                               

#5071-M           600w*600d*450h      $132                                 

#5081-G           900w*600d*450h      $145           

Color:   Beech, Cherrywood/Ironstone        

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Custom-Made Boat shape Boardroom Table (with H Melamine legs)

Code                   Size                           

#5131         3000w*1200d*725h   

Price: $1,180                  

Color: Beech/Charcoal